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Single tired mom of four. Lover of chocolate and coffee - not necessarily in that order. Lover of Jesus, photographer by trade, Photoshop junkie and crime TV watcher.


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100 Things

1. I’m thirty-eight and I find that fact incredibly scary.

2. I feel like I’m eighteen on the inside and wish my outside matched.

3. I don’t want house pets yet. I like them at a distance and when they are someone else’s. I don’t like the hair, smells and allergies that always come with pets. I do like farm animals a lot and I wish I had cows, chickens, goats and pigs.

4. I have very poor concentration, yet when I am doing something I love I hyperfocus and will not eat, drink or go to the bathroom for hours.

5. I recently had to give up coffee and I am deeply mourning its loss.

6. I am far from satisfied with my appearance and find that gravity has really taken its toll.

7. My all time favorite TV shows are the Gilmore Girls, 48 Hours, 60 Minutes. Dateline, and Law and Order. Not necessarily in this order.

8. I want to be a photographer when I grow up.

10. I am in love Photoshop and want to learn it better.

11. I have a very short attention span and get bored very easily.

11. I am very impatient and consider it to be one of my worst traits. I am praying that god will change this about me because I am willing

12. I love the smell of my daughter’s sweaty baby neck.

13. I wonder how life would have been like had I made other choices.

14. I love God more than everything, but yet I still struggle to spend quality time with Him.

15. I like the rules just as much as I like breaking them. My boss thought I was uptight. I thought he was a slacker.

16. I have glasses, but rarely wear them.

17. I eat tuna from the can.

18. I am a salt-a-holic and fortunately I can eat as much as I like, per request of my cardiologist who says I need it to raise my really low blood pressure.

19. I detest musicals.  I would probably pull my hair out if someone forced me to watch Cats.

20. If I could have a re-do, I would have done something in forensics, photography or graphic design. Worlds apart, I know.

21. I love working out and love the burn.

22. I like driving at night and looking into people’s windows when driving by. I especially like it in the winter when there are Christmas lights.

23. I dream of having a big family.

24. Sometimes I think about running away to another country or town where no one could find me and I wonder how much I would be missed.

25. I am starting to get white hair and when it all turns white I will leave it that way.

26. I have always wanted a big red barn.

27. I am an introvert, yet I can fit into any social situation easily.

28. When I get upset I don’t eat. This has been one of my secrets to staying thin. Meaning… I have had a traumatic life.

29. I have been tested a couple of times for Lupus with negative results. The doctor thinks I have an undiagnosed autoimmune disease.

30. The colors I wear the most are black and brown.

31. I have tremendous difficulty making decisions and often prefer fewer choices.

32. I just bought my first gaudy necklace - a sure sign of old age!

33. I’m afraid of the dark and sleep with a silent TV on for light.

34. I walk very fast and have a need for speed. When I worked in a hospital, people would always tell me to slow down.

35. My grandmother lived to be 108.

36. I started to write a novel and hope to finish it someday.

37. I am a morning person. I do my best work before 7AM.

38. I had a gerbil as a child, until I picked him up and his tail fell off. I was so grossed out I had my parent’s get rid of him before I got home from school.

39. I want to learn to salsa and I would have taken classes, but I chickened out because I didn’ t have a partner.

40. I used to be the publicist for the art association in my town.

41. I feel safer in my SUV than in a car.

42. I have always preferred driving a standard, but for the first time in my life I have an automatic. Boring, yet easy.

43. The most boring book I have ever read is The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.  Sorry Hemingway lovers.

44. I love learning. I soak up things like a sponge.

45. I have an uncanny ability to be able to remember extremely difficult medical terminology, but cannot remember what I am supposed to do today.

46. I am a workaholic by nature.

47. I followed the Grateful Dead for several years.  Uh yeah….don’t ask.

48. I grew up on Jamaican rice & peas and still make them to this day.

49. I love classical music.

50. I want to have a feather lift and if I could afford it, I would do it now.

51. I am brutally honest and some people hate this about me. Apparently they would prefer me to lie.

52. I am extremely optimistic and always look at the glass as half full.

53. I love to laugh.

54. I am petrified of dying alone with no spouse to hold my hand or no one to care that I am gone. I have watched many people die that way. One of the horrors of working hospice.

55. I am allergic to horses, yet I still ride on occasion.

56. When I drink sode, which is rarely, it is Pepsi with lime.

57. I do not have any desire to visit California.

58. I am not a good test taker. I panic.

59. I am not excessively clean or neat, but clutter causes me confusion. I hate it.

60. I only drink water at room temperature.

61. I am currently having coffee withdrawals.

62. When my husband and I were married, I never asked him for anything and was fiercely independent. He was incredibly generous. a wonderful quality.

63. I once dated a man that won the lottery.

64. I am quite sarcastic and am trying to break that bad habit.

65. I have a thing for coffee mugs.

66. The two movies I hate the most are Groundhog Day and Napoleon Dynamite.

67. I love my Nikon D-80 more than food

68. Andy Griffith is my absolute favorite old TV show, next is I Love Lucy.

69. There are a few people in my life that I truly miss. Most I don’t.

70. I have already lived at least 100 years.

70. I had a biopsy once that was so painful, I almost threw up.

71. Once when playing softball, I hit a double and when running to first base I tore both quadricep muscles. The worst pain I have EVER felt.

72. The only things I am truly afraid of are death, Judgment Day and the dentist.

73. I gain weight just looking at a piece of bread.

74. I hate most every board game invented.

75. I think driving in the car is a waste of time. I must be multi-tasking if I go anywhere that takes longer than 15 minutes.

76. I once had a panic attack so severe, I thought I was having a heart attack and went to the hospital.

77. I get very annoyed when people stand too close to me in the checkout line.

78. I can only give 100 percent to one major even in my life at a time. Either love, or work. The other will inevitably suffer in some way.

79. I do not like heights and will not go on a ferris wheel or a roller coaster.

80. I have never felt so blessed and yet so completely overwhelmed.

81. I have never walked out of a relationship and held a grudge, or anger. I just walked out.

82. I must do my housework first thing in the morning. Once my hands touch my keyboard, it’s all over.

83. I prefer to write with a pencil.

84. My to-do-list is always misplaced.

85. I love to read and watch movies to escape reality.

86. I have problems with people who make excuses to avoid responsibility.

87. Improper English aggravates me, especially when it’s me who’s using it.

88. No two words have ever irritated me like the words ‘my bad.’

89. The only people I don’t mind calling me ma’am are southerners, military men and elderly gentlemen.

90. Tapping or repetitive noises drive me batty and cause me to loose all concentration.

91. I have a hard time going on trips with just my kids. I like to have another adult to talk to.

92. I love it when the kids play with my hair.

93. I’m not particularly fond of back rubs.

94. I can stand the feeling of lotion on my feet or hands. Eeeww.

95. I eat Dannon vanilla yogurt with fresh blueberries once a day.

96. I dream of living in the woods, far from neighbors, yet close to major shopping.

97. I used to love to cook, now it is a chore.

98. I do not get PMS and find it a lousy excuse to be nasty.

99. I don’t cry easily.

100. I miss being loved.