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Single tired mom of four. Lover of chocolate and coffee - not necessarily in that order. Lover of Jesus, photographer by trade, Photoshop junkie and crime TV watcher.


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Brain Overload!

January 4, 2006

I have been a bit distracted today, ok, that’s an understatement.  Well, and I suppose it’s not just today but nevertheless, my daughter, being the patient (NOT) child that she is, asks me a question and sees the glazed over, I’m on Mars expression on my face. She proceeds to hum the timer tune from Jeopardy, while she is waiting for me to snap out of it.  Lovely child.  I suppose she knows me all too well.


I guess my theory on the whole thing is, yes we are wonderfully made but how much information is too much before OVERLOAD occurs?  Just curious of course. ( I really don’t want to find out the hard way)


I have posted my to do list below, which is not yet completed and does not include the everyday things like, nursing the baby six times, homeschool, regualr meals, housework, business, etc. but you get the idea.  I’m wondering if it is just me or is everyone this busy.  I think a life re-evaluation is long overdue.  Either that or may have to escape to a desert island and drink coconut milk and babble to a volleyball named Wilson.


Install Zone Alarm & Norton on other computer                        

Work on Social Security worksheet                            

Check to P.O.                        

Target for car seat                            

Sarah’s Lesson Plans               

Sarah’s birthday present                       

Sales Tax  due  Mon 16/01/06                         

Returns to : Old Navy, Babies R Us, Kohls                              

Put away Baby Clothes            

Post Office                                 

Plan meal for Barb                               

Note to Ann Marie                              

Make Jail & Bail box                        


Install Sarah’s Comp. Ink                                 

Cotton Tights                             

Make teething biscuits for baby                                  

Pack Maternity clothes for Barb                                   

Take down Christmas Tree                                  

Change Shipping Rates                        

Change eBay Prices                 

Carbon monoxide detector                               

Call Nancy                                 

Call bank about check 100 ?                             

Call about Sarah’s Art Lessons            

Bradys Present                        

Belles’ Doc. Appt. 

Make Sarah’s dentist appt.                          

Batteries for Fire alarm                        

Appt for taxes                         

Apply Customer Payments                   

Add all invoices to Versa Check                                  

50.00 to dad for camera card  

Prepare business tax stuff

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

January 3, 2006

What a day!  Of course I seem to say that at the end of everyday.  I still have loads of work to do.  Everyday it seems to snowball and I wonder if I’ll ever get caught up.  I keep having this dreaded feeling that someday the fire department will be called when someone finally realizes that we haven’t been seen in awhile.  The neighbors will be reading the headlines, “Woman and Her Children Located Under Debris”  Hahaha!


So I guess that means that I should be doing something other than this right now but I’m pooped so I needed to vent, even though I doubt anyone is reading this!


So, our new web site is in the process of being designed and it will be a major undertaking, entering products and learning the new system.  Probably was not a good time to fire the housekeeper.  I thank the Lord he gave me a child who is such a good typist and organizer. Well it’s 11:30 and the baby will be wanting to nurse soon, so I had better catch a few zzzz’s while I have the chance.



Oh My…..

January 2, 2006

So yesterday I wake up to find five or so inches of snow on the ground. I got up and made coffee and let Sarah ( my eleven year old) know that she can make her usual five bucks for shoveling the driveway. So my hubby, unbeknownst to me, proceeds out to the driveway and starts to shovel.

So why would that be a problem you may ask? Well my darling husband, has for the last six months, been on crutches with an external fixator ( looks like an Erector set) attached to the bones in his lower leg. Which also means it cannot be covered and his leg and foot are bare.

So your next question may be, how does he shovel with a broken leg & crutches? Well how else, on his knees!

I swear, the neighbors must think I am Cruella DeVille! He might as well wear a sign around his neck that says my wife made me do this! Oh what will I do with this man! 
I know, move on. 

Baby awake, gotta run.

Your Sins Will Find You Out

January 1, 2006

My mother always told me not bother trying to get away with bad behavior because your sins would always find you out.  And of course Friday was a perfect example of that truth.


As I pulled into the packed grocery store parking lot, I drove around and around, finally locating one available spot.  I rushed through the store, and out, lugging my little one and my eleven year old running behind, with the full carriage. A typical crazy day.  I loaded the bags into the Jeep and strapped everyone in, when a woman who was parked next to me walked up to her car to load her groceries.


I picked up my phone to call my friend, to see if I could swing by to drop something off.  I of course was dialing the number and not really paying much attention to the following events.  It appeared ( by body language ) the woman felt that I had parked too close, (even though I had more than a carriage width between the cars.)  As I continued to dial the number, the woman whipped open her door and slammed it into my Jeep.  Since my car was running, and she looked upset, I assumed it wasn’t an accident. 


My ADD kicked in and I became so engaged in watching the woman next to the car, I forgot that my ear piece was on and the house phone of my friend was ringing.  The woman continued to load her groceries and I decided I would make a quick escape before things got ugly.  As I started to slowly drive away, she pushed her car door open and hit my car again and started to mouth obscenities.  Well my flesh, reared it’s ugly head, right at the same time my friends answering machine was picking up,) and well, I guess I need not go into detail but it wasn’t pretty.  All of a sudden, a horrifying feeling washed over me, as I realized that the whole vile occurance had just been recorded by my friends answering machine!


Shame and ebarrassment washed over me, and I started to laugh hysterically, no doubt from shock.  Not only did I act unkindly in front of my children but now there was recorded proof of how unmerciful I could be.  As I drove to my friends house to explain and to ask for forgiveness, the reality became crystal clear. I was more concerned about what my friend thought of my horrible outburst than Jesus, who sees all of them.


The one thing that is clear about this lesson … It won’t be the last time I have to learn it.


Gotta run..