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Single tired mom of four. Lover of chocolate and coffee - not necessarily in that order. Lover of Jesus, photographer by trade, Photoshop junkie and crime TV watcher.


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Bigelow Hollow

May 31, 2007

I went to Collinsville Canoe and Kayak and bought two new kayaks to replace the two we had until last year. 

We took them out yesterday and had a really great family day.  It was tough loading them, due to Sarah’s small frame, but technique is key and she is learning quickly.  It takes near 40 minutes to load and unload, so it’s best if we go for the whole day, which is fine with me.  I need to look for someplace closer, but Bigelow is so big, you could get lost for hours.

I wish the photos had come out better, but I didn’t have my Nikon.  Most of them were a loss.