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Single tired mom of four. Lover of chocolate and coffee - not necessarily in that order. Lover of Jesus, photographer by trade, Photoshop junkie and crime TV watcher.


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Wordless Wednesday – Christmas Moments

December 25, 2007

I’m sure glad it’s Wordless Wednesday because I’m so tired I can barely muster the strength to type this sentence…yet I do have one thing I’d like to say…where’d my clean up crew go?

I hope you all had a very blessed and joyous Christmas!


Christmas Tour with Some Egg Knock!

December 17, 2007

I have decided to join in on Boomama’s Christmas Tour this year.   For one, it’s just plain fun.  And well, I guess by now you know I’m all about the photos, but the icing on the cake…I didn’t have to break a sweat ,OR break out the toilet brush for you to visit, so it’s a win win of sorts.  So come join my photo tour.

This year we tried our first gingerbread house – ehem…KIT – which crashed within ten minutes of it’s completion.  There was a little structural problem, but the contractor has it all under control and assured me we will have the second one done by tomorrow, or sometime within the next few weeks (grin.)

And look!  It’s the same window that you saw on Thanksgiving, with a little Christmassy trim.  Very little that is.  What can I say – I’m lazy.

Next is our ” We wish with all our hearts for a fire place to hang our stocking and warm our toes, but this will have to do, and thank you Lord that we have it because we are so grateful,” faux mantle.  And… if you are very sleepy and squint really hard in the dark, you can almost see a mantle outline!   Yes I am delusional.

Next is our “perfect tree.”  She sure is purdy alright.  And it only took me like twenty shots to get the lights looking so brilliant in my little dark house.

A couple of my favorite ornaments.

Oh and let me tell you ’bout these little diddies!  My mother started making these in 1972, whilst I was still a toddler.  They are so incredibly yummy, that I need to post armed guards outside my house to keep them for longer than a week – ok not really, but they are super good and we do make them every Christmas.  They are called Chinese Chews and don’t ask me why they are named that.  In fact, if you know, please tell me and clear up the thirty-five year mystery?  The recipe is down below.

Ok, I swear this post is making me fat.

So Bella came up to me today and asked me for some “Egg Knock,”  and it was just so cute that I have decided to rename it at our house in her honor.

And first and last on my tour, the reason for my joy, the reason for every Christmas, the reason I have life….is there room for Him at your inn?

Credits: Katie Pertiet; Cherie Mask; Faith Sisters


Wordless Wednesday – Yum!

December 11, 2007


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