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Single tired mom of four. Lover of chocolate and coffee - not necessarily in that order. Lover of Jesus, photographer by trade, Photoshop junkie and crime TV watcher.


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She’s Been Taking Lessons!

July 27, 2009

As soon as I saw these photos of Belle dancing in the driveway, they reminded me of an old episode of Seinfeld.

What a hoot!

An Awesome Celebration!

July 24, 2009

A friend posted this on Facebook and I have watched it like four times laughing all the way through!  Now this is a celebration!  Absolutely brilliant and pure joy to watch!


Hot Air

July 18, 2009

As I sat blowing up this enormous beach ball – sprinkler and emptying myself of every last bit of hot air, I looked at Bella, sighed and said, “I don’t know baby girl, I might not finish until next year.”

She patted me on the leg and said as graciously as she could, “You’re doing a great job mommy.  It’s OK, take your time.”

I could only laugh and give her a big kiss for her patience and sincerity.

I wish I was a big girl like her.

The Poor Birds

July 16, 2009

Yes, I do know how dirty the bird bath is.

Location is Everything

July 12, 2009

Here is a little tip for all you aspiring photographers.

A lot of my time these days seems to be spent looking for the perfect locations for photo sessions.  It has become quite a challenge to find exactly what I am looking for, but I am relentless in my pursuit.  

To keep track of all the great spots I find, I have started keeping a location file with photos attached, so when my memory fails, (which it always does,) I can resort to pulling out my file to find that perfect spot.  If there are flowers in bloom at a certain time of year, I will even write the date, just so I won’t miss it next year.

Happy hunting!



To take a peek at my last session you can visit me a HallieWestcott.com