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Single tired mom of four. Lover of chocolate and coffee - not necessarily in that order. Lover of Jesus, photographer by trade, Photoshop junkie and crime TV watcher.


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October 16, 2009



The Savvy Photographer!

September 16, 2009

Would you like some great photographic inspiration? Check out The Savvy Photographer! Great giveaways, beautiful imagery, fabulous interviews and design inspiration!


Revelation Song

August 24, 2009


Trip to the Carnival

August 17, 2009

There has been so many things happening lately, I have found it difficult to spend time just relaxing with the kids.  I think any mother overwhelmed with life’s demands has a hard time balancing priorities and I am no different.  There seem to be so many that need my attention.  Real priorities, not the self imposed type that we often think we have.  And with that can come a whole lot of guilt when the needs of my children are put on hold. 

Now maybe some would scoff and say that my children are fed and clothed and even loved, so what’s the worry.  And to them I would say, children should have the opportunity to be children.   Soon enough they will be adults, with all the pressures of adulthood and the sorrow and troubles that life brings.  So for now, they shouldn’t have to encounter these things in such large proportions.  Not while they still have an idealistic view of the world.

Don’t misunderstand, I am not suggesting that children should never face the realities and hardships in life, I just think that they need to see equal, or greater amounts of joy.

And now I’m getting off my soapbox.

So in my attempt to bring my children some joy in the midst of sorrow, I wasted an obscene amount of money at this carnival.  And I tell you, it was worth every penny. 

My baby girl went on her first big girl ride.  I almost cried.


She’s Been Taking Lessons!

July 27, 2009

As soon as I saw these photos of Belle dancing in the driveway, they reminded me of an old episode of Seinfeld.

What a hoot!

An Awesome Celebration!

July 24, 2009

A friend posted this on Facebook and I have watched it like four times laughing all the way through!  Now this is a celebration!  Absolutely brilliant and pure joy to watch!


The Poor Birds

July 16, 2009

Yes, I do know how dirty the bird bath is.