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Oh My…..

January 2, 2006

So yesterday I wake up to find five or so inches of snow on the ground. I got up and made coffee and let Sarah ( my eleven year old) know that she can make her usual five bucks for shoveling the driveway. So my hubby, unbeknownst to me, proceeds out to the driveway and starts to shovel.

So why would that be a problem you may ask? Well my darling husband, has for the last six months, been on crutches with an external fixator ( looks like an Erector set) attached to the bones in his lower leg. Which also means it cannot be covered and his leg and foot are bare.

So your next question may be, how does he shovel with a broken leg & crutches? Well how else, on his knees!

I swear, the neighbors must think I am Cruella DeVille! He might as well wear a sign around his neck that says my wife made me do this! Oh what will I do with this man! 
I know, move on. 

Baby awake, gotta run.

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